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Integrate the best delivery solution with all the possible features that a delivery service is looking for.

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All In One Delivery Solution

Business is now easy with the new all-in-one delivery solution by Codexade. Integrate the best delivery solution for your market page with all the possible features that a delivery service is looking for. Fulfilling an order is no more a hulky task when you can manage all the processes through the All in one delivery App. This software provides the platform to manage all the elements in your delivery service, from receiving the order to delivering/ returning, without having to work laboriously.

Custom All In One Devliery Software For Your Business

All In One Delivery Script

This software is programmed in such a way that every feature will be present for you to use. There is no need to go through hefty steps to integrate this delivery system into your business. No matter what kind of goods, we have the solution for all in one App.

Multiple Partner Tie Up

If you have multiple partners who are goods producers or delivery service providers, you can all work together with this application. We have features by which you can add different partners to the platform.

Customized Features For the Users

You can customize the graphics in order to suit the type of your business and the customers.

Features of the New All In One Delivery Solution

Easy Registration

Users can easily register with any valid id, including Gmail, Google ID, or Apple id, with only a few main pieces of information. Thus we provide a secure and simple platform for every user.

Search Options

Users can easily search for any products, stores, and available delivery services. The App is programmed in such a way to identify the products even if misspelled. Recommendations are also shown along with the specific products to keep the customers engaged.

Filter and Sort Options

A delivery application must have the filter option that will help the customers search the products easily according to various preferences like brand, gender, size, material, purpose, etc. they can also sort the products based on price, size, etc.

Personalized profile

Let your riders know about the status of the ride request in a rapid time using “Firebase Cloud Messaging Technology”. This unveils the app as a responsive service provider.

Review adding options

If you wish to provide a review adding an option to your customers, we give the reviewing and rating options for the users, where they can add the rating and review with images. This will also help in raising the reputation of your brand.


The App provides different language options to help you reach out to customers from different places.

Easy Canceling Option

Users have the option to cancel/return a product. Feedback popups will also be provided so that you can know the reason for the cancellation and can improve your business.

Easy Payment Options

Customers are provided with different options to make payments, like debit card, credit card, UPI, wallet, cash on delivery, etc. The money can be easily received upon making an order.

Separate Dashboard for Service Providers

To make it simple for you, we have created separate features for your service partners so that they can provide the details and you can manage the business-related with their products together. Service partners can get access to their Dashboard integrated with your business upon getting your permission requirements.

Easy Sign Up

Service providers can quickly sign up just like the users and integrate with your business, and there will be simple double-sided verification features. This ensures privacy and security without taking too much time.

ID Verification Options

You can ask for document verification from your partners. There is a scanning option through which you can verify their physical ID proof. This is building a solid integration.

Profile Customization

The service partners can add the type of service they are providing in their profile and the list of the products provided by them. This option will help you sort your partners easily.

Order management

Through the instant order feature, they will also get an order notification as soon as the customer makes a confirmation. Thus saving the time and job of handing out each order. These management options are completely customized according to your preference, where you can choose which type of permission the service providers can have access to.

Payment Dashboard

Through this feature, you can see the details of orders and the total revenue. Thus you can get the commission from your service providers correctly. The account details can also be added to get the commission regularly.

Promos and Coupons

Different seasonal promotions and coupons will attract a huge amount of customers. You can set this feature so that it will promote the business and will invite a lot of users. The specified amount will be reduced when a customer applies the coupon/promo code.

Feature for editing the service list

The service partners can edit their product details to show the availability and also add product and product information to the list, thus providing awareness and updates to the customers about the products.

Easy Registration

Easy registration upon verification with valid ID proof. (Email, social media log in, Apple ID, etc.)

Commission Deduction

The company will be able to deduct a certain amount as commission, and the rest will be transferred into the driver's registered account.

Penalty Fee

A penalty option is there in which the owners can deduct fines from the drivers if there are any discrepancies, like late delivery, bad behavior, etc.

Feedback And Rating

The users can give feedback about the drivers, and the rating will be shown on their profiles.

Reward points for drivers.

You can provide drivers with a high rating, noble points as a reward, and a token of encouragement for the best service.

Registration & Verification

The admin can easily verify their valid ID proof and register a secure management panel with any login option, including email, social media log in, Apple ID, etc. You can also add different service partners to your service with their institution details.

Order Assigning

Admin has the advantage of receiving the orders and handing them out to various service partners. They also have the feature to send the order notification directly to the service partners if needed.

Order Details and Statistics

It is important to have order Statistics to track the service flow. Every order detail and the financial details will be visible on your Dashboard. The graphical representation will also be provided for business growth optimization. This way, you can easily manage the business.

Customization Features

Different product trade requires different contents. Our All one delivery App allows you to customize the content as you wish, to suit the services. You can add details about the service providers and products and even provide customized push notifications for the users to attract them.

How do we work?

In-Depth Research And Requirement Gathering

Before making the all-in-one delivery app, it is important to analyze all the requirements and the features you need in your application so that we can implement the best results for you.

Cost and Time Analysis

After gathering all details about the requirements and features, we estimate the cost and time required to complete the project and provide the best result.


After the analysis, it is time to start molding the product. Our team of experts works industriously with the latest technology to develop the script and bring out the best product for you.


Before launching the product in the market, we test the script to see if everything works perfectly and remove any bugs.

On Time Delivery

We make sure to deliver the unblemished script on a prompt time which is ready to provide one of the foremost solutions to our business client after undergoing multiple test sets.

Technology stack we are using

  • Php 7.1
  • React js
  • laravel 8
  • HTML5
  • Css3
  • Android
  • ios

How Much Does It Cost?

We develop smart and customized On Demand All in one delivery scripts for startups to enterprise companies. To know the precise cost, features and functionalities of the all in one delivery app solution for riders, drivers and admin, get in-touch with our team for a quick chat.

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