Food Delivery Solution

Online food ordering enables us to search for a wide variety of foods from various restaurants without having to burn the fuel.

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Food Delivery Solution

We have to admit that waiting for food delivery is the best feeling ever. Do you know the first-ever online food delivery was in 1994 ?. Online delivery allows us to order food from anywhere, at any time. Thanks to this system, most of us were able to eat during the Covid 19 pandemic. That is when the online food delivery apps became quite famous. Online food ordering enables us to search for a wide variety of foods from various restaurants without having to burn the fuel.

Food delivery solutions must be considered a long-lasting business idea for any startup or enterprise. But with the emergence of a large number of food delivery applications, it is essential to make a perfect and forte solution if you want to stay ahead of the curve. This requires expertise and professionalism, which is exactly what we offer.

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Features of the New Food Delivery Solution

Multiple Registration

Users can sign up with minimal information using a phone number or email. They can also set the default address to turn on their location so there won't be any delay during the ordering.

Push Notifications

For food delivery apps, push notifications are undoubtedly the most important feature. It can be considered as an invitation to the hungry person. There is no way anyone can ignore that call. The push notifications are customized according to your need. It can be reminders, offers, new dishes, new restaurants, etc. if the user is curious enough to click the notification, there is a high chance they also make the purchase. Push notifications are not just a marketing trick. It is also a medium through which you keep regular engagement with your users.

Offers And Coupons

It is important to make users feel less expensive when it comes to food delivery services. If there is no offer or any promotions, no regular purchase will happen. Different coupons and rewards should be generated in order to pursue the users to order food online. Reward points and loyalty points are an excellent idea to keep the potential customers as this trick has proved profitable for many famous companies.

Search Filters and Recommendations

We know a hungry human is an angry human. It is important to have fast and efficient search results in a food delivery application. Users can easily search and filter according to the type of food, restaurants, time, price, etc. The recommendations and suggestions will also be provided to ease the process.

GPS tracking of the food.

Real-time tracking of the location of the delivery man is important. This way, users can know the waiting time and be assured about the delivery. It is a necessary feature as many users prefer tracking the food.

Simple Payment

Users can pay using credit cards, debit cards, UPI, etc. Since it is the final step of purchasing, it shouldn't test customers' patience. We make the payment feature faster, more secure, and uncomplicated.

24 hours Customer Service

Active customer service ensures the feeling of safety and security in users. Automatic responding system and FAQs to clarify any doubts regarding the service.

In-app Messaging

If the users can message the restaurant owners and the delivery partner with anything regarding the delivery, it would significantly assist. This way, they can resolve an issue regarding refund, delivery time, location, etc.

Order History

Users can see their order history in the dashboard. These include every detail of the order, including the restaurant detail, price detail, etc. So that it will be helpful in the future.

Wishlist and Favorites

Like any other E-commerce application, the food delivery app should also have a wishlist, where the users can wishlist any food or any offer to buy it later. A Favorites list can also be added, where the users can add their favorite food and view their favorite food as per the order history.

Social Media Integration

Through Social media Integration, people can share about different foods and restaurants, and it will also gather popularity for the brand. Users can also collect reward points by inviting other users. This feature will draw a large number of potential users into this application.

Ratings and Reviews

Ratings and reviews are essential to measuring customer satisfaction. These features will also encourage the restaurants to deliver better services. Users can rate and write detailed reviews about any restaurant or delivery easily in the application.

Multiple Partner Tie Up

Work together with various service providers and restaurant owners using personalized admin platforms. Customize the platform according to the title.

Edit Menu

Admin can easily edit, remove or update restaurant details and menus according to the convenience.

Interact with customers

Contact the customers to resolve various disputes regarding location, order, etc. admins can contact the customer in case the location is incorrect, and the delivery man/ woman is unable to reach them.

Feedback Form

Easily edit and create feedback forms according to each order. This is useful in knowing why the users canceled an option and receiving reviews to improve the business.

Generate Coupons

Generate coupon codes for promotional activities and multiple partner tie-ups quickly. Set activation time and objectives for each coupon.

Notification management

Edit and send notifications daily to move with the trend. This feature helps generate different content for daily notifications.

Amount Management

Send and receive money to different service providers and restaurant owners. In the case of COD, the money owed can be collected from the delivery partner without any obstacles.

Data Analytics

Various visual data analyses of daily incomes, profits, sales, exports, etc., to uplift the business.

Easy Registration

Easy registration upon verification with valid ID proof. (Email, social media log in, Apple ID, etc.)

Commission Deduction

The company will be able to deduct a certain amount as commission, and the rest will be transferred into the driver's registered account.

Penalty Fee

A penalty option is there in which the owners can deduct fines from the drivers if there are any discrepancies, like late delivery, bad behavior, etc.

Feedback And Rating

The users can give feedback about the drivers, and the rating will be shown on their profiles.

Reward points for drivers.

You can provide drivers with a high rating, noble points as a reward, and a token of encouragement for the best service.

How do we work?

Requirement Analysis

We are analyzing your ideas and requirements for implementing the practicality. We do an in-depth study of all your requirements to explore the best possible solution.


After analyzing the requirements, our experts develop an outline for the project, which will comprise all your ideas and suggest any improvements.


After the outline, it is time to get our hands on the creation to make the best possible solution for you. Our team works effectively to provide the requirement within the given time period.


Before launching the product, we test the solution to see if everything works flawlessly. We make sure there are no bugs, and the solution is up to your satisfaction.

On Time Delivery

We deliver the all-in-one, ready-to-launch product on the dot after multiple testing and improvisations, which will provide top-tier solutions.

Technology stack we are using

  • php 7.1
  • React js
  • laravel 5.3
  • HTML5
  • CSS
  • Android
  • ios

How Much Does It Cost?

We develop smart and customized Food delivery scripts for startups to enterprise companies. To know the precise cost, features and functionalities of the Food delivery app solution for users, drivers and admin, get in-touch with our team for a quick chat.

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