Fitness And Healthcare Solution

Through this app, you can guide your customers online without having any physical interactions with them.

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Fitness And Healthcare Solution

With the increase of sedentary jobs, people are now looking for a regular exercise routine to keep their body fitness in check. Not everyone is a fan of going to the gym, and not everyone can afford to do regular exercise under a personal trainer. Most of us like to do things from our homes' comfort. But it is crucial to have correct information about doing each exercise to get the desired result. This is where our Fitness and Health care solutions can help you. Through this app, you can guide your customers online without having any physical interactions with them.

Different Types of Health and Fitness Solutions Provided by Us

Training and Workout Apps

Training and Workout apps are always popular, especially among youngsters. These apps will encourage and help in bodybuilding and boosting energy. The training and workout apps provide workout videos and explanations.

Meditation Apps

Meditation Apps are now gaining popularity as people are now more aware of mental health and how important it is on par with physical health. Meditation and yoga seem to be the most preferred solution for mental and physical health care.

Diet and Nutrition

The benefits that a healthy diet can do to your body are shedload. It is important to have precise guidance from experts about the consumption of nutrition if you want to see a satisfactory result.

Features of the Fitness And Healthcare Apps

Easy Registration

Users can easily register through an email or a phone number. Once the confirmation and verification are done, they are ready to use this feature.

Interactive UI

No one likes spending too much time just signing up. That is why we have a simple but secured registration process that can be done in multiple ways, using email, phone number, social media ID, Apple ID, etc.


It is important for a fitness app to be personalized to get effective results. Users can add the details such as weight, height, age, gender, etc., so that the application will calculate the BMI. These details can be updated regularly to track the progress. The users can exercise according to the time available each day. They can also select full-body exercising or specific exercises according to their requirement.

High-Quality Video Tutorials And Description

For each exercise, high clarity video classes can be provided, which include the type of exercise, how to do it, and its uses, without taking too much storage space in the device. These features will help the users to follow the correct exercise schedule each day and will also save the history to see the dates on which they missed the training. The training can be divided into different categories, as beginner, intermediate and expert level.

Multi-Device Integration

The data is stored in the cloud data storage so that the user can access their account from different devices. Many users prefer integration on their smartwatches, which can be worn during workouts. It has to be made sure that the user can log in to their account from other devices like tablets, laptops, etc. it needs high expertise to make sure the data is not lost.

Progress report with Social Media Sharing

Users will get a regular report about their progress. This will show clear data of the days they did workout continuously, the calories burned, suggested workouts, etc. they can also share their progress through social media, thus encouraging themselves and the other users as well.


Users can join the communities within the application, where they can share their progress, tips, how they feel, encourage others, and get inspired by other users. People can influence each other in various ways, and once the user is a part of this type of community, they will use the app regularly. In-App communities will also make your brand popular and attract a lot of users.

Games and arts

Various forms of games and art forms like Zumba etc., will also help in fitness. The advantage of games over regular forms of exercise is that they are not boring but exciting. Different levels and scoreboards will fire up the winning spirit and will encourage the users.

Push Notifications

Just as for any other application, Push notifications are a must for health and fitness apps. They can be in the form of reminders, encouragement quotes, etc. These notifications increase user engagement.

User Friendly UI

User-friendly interface to manage the users easily and effectively. Customized dashboard for effective work process.

Secured login

Secured sign-in for the admins with two-factor authentication or biometric passwords to ensure the safety and security of management.

Team Management

When managing a lot of users, it is necessary to have different admin panels so that you can work together with other teammates.

Data Analytics

Analysis of data regarding the users and marketing to improve the application and business.

Notification Management

Send custom notifications to the users. Especially for branded apps, the coaches may need to send different personalized notifications to each customer. Now you can easily do that with this feature.

Give Appointments

Make schedules for different customers according to their needs for the smooth functioning of the institution.

Generate coupon

Generate different coupon codes easily for various promotional activities within the application.

How do we work?

Understanding Requirements

We analyze your ideas and suggestions to understand the requirements for forming the best solution.


After the requirement analysis, it is time to plan the process and create a proper outline, which includes all the needs and improvisations.


The next process is where the creation begins. By exploiting their technical knowledge, our experts create the best solution for you.


We always test our products before launching. The product will be gone through multiple checking and experiments before being introduced into the industry.

On Time Delivery

On-time delivery of the product, without any hindrance, to make sure you will be able to complete your dream project at the right time.

Technology stack we are using

  • php 7.1
  • React js
  • laravel 5.3
  • HTML5
  • CSS
  • Android
  • ios

How Much Does It Cost?

We develop smart and customized On Demand Fitness and Healthcare scripts for startups to enterprise companies. To know the precise cost, features and functionalities of the Fitness app solution for users, and admin, get in-touch with our team for a quick chat.

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