Travel Solution

The travel industry is a sector that gains a wide variety of customers from different world regions.

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Travel Solution

The travel industry is a sector that gains a wide variety of customers from different world regions. To ensure your customers can access you anywhere in the world, it is important to integrate online travel solutions into your company. Very few people prefer to walk up to an agency to ask about travel packages when they can get all the details with the tap of a finger.

Since online solutions are available for almost every company, adding advanced and unique features to your website or application is necessary to create a revolutionary impact on your customers. This is where our experts can aid you. We integrate modern technology into the operation to bring out the best solution for your enterprise.

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Travel Apps

This software is programmed in such a way that every feature will be present for you to use. There is no need to go through hefty steps to integrate this travel system into your business.

Multiple Partner Tie Up

If you have multiple partners who are goods travel service providers, you can all work together with this application. We have features by which you can add different partners to the platform.

Customized Features For the Users

You can customize the graphics in order to suit the type of your business and the customers.

Features of the Travel Apps

Attractive Graphics

Creative web pages to attract potential customers. It is necessary to have relevant content and graphics for the interface to develop trust and astonishment in users.

Responsive UI

High-quality content with zero loading time to enrich the user experience. We provide both dark mode and light mode automation to check the color contrast ratios. Accelerated search results to ensure an optimized system.

Advanced Search System

Predictive search results to save time for users. This way, users can get the exact name of the land, even if they have minimal information. Search filters according to the dates, price, location, etc., to amplify user convenience.

Google Map Integration

Google map integration is a smart feature to show users the exact verified location of their destination. Avail of this feature on your website or application.

Attractive Images And Videos

Add mind-blowing brochures to your page that can pursue potential customers for any trip. High-quality videos and Images that induce realism and travel spirit in the users.


In build translation to ensure users from any part of the earth can avail of your service. This feature will be helpful for both the user end and admin end as well. So make sure to add this feature to your project.

Online Payment

A hundred percent secured online payment interface that supports different payment methods, including debit card, credit card, UPI, Netbanking, etc., guarantees effortless online payment.

Feedback Box

A feedback facility is important to prove the transparency of your quality service. This will also attract a lot of potential customers. Through this feature, customers can share ratings and reviews.

Active Customer Care Service

Twenty-four hours customer care service feature lets you chat with your customers live and resolve any of their doubts. This will encourage user engagement and will ensure trustworthiness among the users.

On-Demand Taxi App Developing Solution

Online travel solutions have immense demand in the day-to-day lives of people, not just in the tourism sector. People prefer taxi apps, which can be availed at any time, from anywhere, and are one hundred percent secure. Going to work or sending children to school, online taxi service is a big relief for people, which explains the rocket escalation of taxi business profit.

Multiple Registration

Users can register in different ways, by using email, phone number, Facebook, etc. So it is advised to integrate this feature into your business.

Quick Verification

Quick verification with minimal information to ensure the safety and ethical virtue of the application, at the same time not wasting the time of users.

Live Geo Tracking and Security

This feature tracks the location of the vehicle using the driver's geo map. This can be shared with others as well. The location can be tracked by the company so as to ensure the safety of the customers. Adding this feature will generate trust in users.

Push Notifications

Notifications about the driver's arrival, destinations, offers, etc., are necessary for travel applications. Integrate this technology to increase the engagement of the users.

Fast Search Results

Users find it extremely convenient if they can quickly find a driver. This means that the order notification must reach the driver instantly. Avail of this feature in your business.

In-App Payments

Different payment methods like UPI, Cash, Wallet, etc., make it convenient for the users. Default bank account / UPI linking so that the company can avail the fees directly from the users upon completion of the trip.

Rating and Review

Users can add ratings and share their experiences about a ride upon arriving at the destination. This will guarantee the transparency of the management and will encourage courtesy in drivers.

Canceling Option

Users can cancel their rides anytime. This feature will augment the safety and convenience of the customers.

Customer Service

Like any other service, 24 hours customer service is important for a travel app. FAQ feature to resolve common doubts and chat boxes to respond to any queries.

Earning Data

The earning report will be shown on the driver's dashboard so that they can track the earning history and progress regularly.

Bank Account Linking

Through this feature, drivers can trust the business. This way, the company can ensure that each employee is getting paid for the job, and the drivers can also provide the service confidently.

Online or Offline Mode

Drivers can switch to online mode whenever they are available to provide the service. This will provide accurate data so that the order notification will not reach the offline drivers, and the app can show if there are no drivers available at a particular time.

Effortless Management

Through this panel, the business owners can manage the business smoothly and effectively without jumping through hoops. On the dashboard, admission can see all the data regarding the number of drivers, number of riders, the total revenue, ride history, feedback, etc.

Driver Management

The admin can manage drivers and add or reject any drivers upon verifying the documents. You can see the ride history and earning history of each driver, the reviews from the users, etc. Also, the admin can check if the driver is offline or online so as to pass over an order.

User Management

The owners can see the ride history and earnings from different users on their panel. Feature to add updates and provide offers to promote the service.

Data Analytics

Analysis of data regarding the users and rider to improve the application and business.

Notification Management

Send custom notifications to the users. Especially for branded apps, the coaches may need to send different personalized notifications to each customer. Now you can easily do that with this feature.

Generate feedback forms

Create custom feedback forms to get ratings and reviews from the customers to develop the business.

Generate coupon

Generate different coupon codes easily for various promotional activities within the application.

How do we work?

Assembling the Ideas and Requirements

We analyze your ideas and suggestions to understand the requirements for forming the best solution.

Analyzing the Requirements

We are analyzing the requirements to lay the foundation. Calculate the cost and time for completing the project and add any improvisations to enhance perfection.


After the preparations, our top brains will get the ball rolling. The experts formulate the script, which provides the pre-eminent travel solution of all time.


Testing is an integral part of our service. Before launching, we test the script to see if it meets all the requirements and fix any obstacles that may occur.

On Time Delivery

Essential on-time delivery of the tested script to make sure your project works according to your schedule.

Technology stack we are using

  • php 7.1
  • React js
  • laravel 5.3
  • HTML5
  • CSS
  • Android
  • ios

How Much Does It Cost?

We develop smart and customized On Demand Travel booking scripts for startups to enterprise companies. To know the precise cost, features and functionalities of the Travel app solution for users, and admin, get in-touch with our team for a quick chat.

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