Real State Solution

Real estate apps are a big relief for both agents and customers.

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Real State Solution

Integration of online applications in the real estate industry can be considered a revolutionary movement that mitigated the herculean task of real estate dealings. No one wants to wander searching for new land or building with their busy schedules when they can view and select the properties by sitting in the comfort of their homes. Real estate apps are a big relief for both agents and customers. From searching the property to document verification and buying, you can do everything in one single platform.

With the growing number of apps in the real estate industry, it is essential to use advanced technology with professional talent if you want to develop an outstanding application. Make sure you land on the right team in entrusting your dream project.

Codexade provides the best solution for all your requirements and ideas in creating an innovative and impressive real estate application that is consolidated with the latest technologies and trending features.

Different Types of Real State Solutions Provided by Us

Property Booking Platform

Real estate mobile apps or websites where you can assemble the properties you are planning to sell. Various features include virtual tours to gather customers from various parts of the world.

Property Selling Platform

A platform where the users can sell their property which is open to selling/renting. Upload images, videos, and details regarding the property, which are categorized in the app, optimized for search engines to gather the customers.

Hostels or Stay Booking Platforms

These platforms are always in demand, especially among the working class and students. Choose the right technology for your business that attracts customers from the target market with engaging UI and advanced features.

Housing and Apartment Selling/ Booking Platform

Platform to list different apartments and houses which are open to selling/renting. Features developed by experts using novel technologies to gather potential customers and customized categorizing of the properties according to various details, including price, facilities, area, etc.

Apps/websites For Realtors

An application that will assist the realtors in efficiently managing the business. Features that will ease up every part of your job, including communication with your customers and clients, document verifications, data analysis, property listing, etc.

Features avaliable for our Real State Apps

Easy Sign Up

Users can easily register using the minimal required details. They can add the document for verification only after fixing a sale, thus ensuring browsing freedom to a large number of users.

Advanced Search Option with Multiple Features

Search Options with filters in order to enable the users to find the most precise result they are looking for. Users can also categorize their search results based on price, location, etc., using the sort option to sell or buy the assets.

Categorize Properties

You can categorize and manage the list of all your properties using different sorting features according to place, area, price, etc., so that the users can search for them smoothly.

360° And HD View of Properties

The users can get a 360-degree view of the property through this feature without actually visiting the site. This feature will eliminate the difficulty of multiple on-site visits for customers and for sure is the most important feature every customer will look for in an application.

Map Integration

Map integration will aid the users in finding the exact location of the properties and ensure their authentication. Integrating maps in your app/website will also allow the users to calculate the total distance from their workplace to the location, which most of the customers consider as a prior need.

Apartment or Land Details

Users prefer getting almost every detail regarding the properties without any complexities so that they can wishlist the assets efficiently. Through this feature, you can add the list of every important detail about each of the properties.

Nearby Facilities Listing

Feature to add nearby facilities, including transportation, schools, hospitals, shopping complex, etc., under each land/apartment, which will be an add-on for every property. This feature will also help users to search according to their required facilities.

Augmented Reality

This feature is one of the most trending aspects, in which the users can add their own features (color, accessories, etc.) to the image so that they can see how it will look. This is an outstanding feature, especially for the houses/apartment selling apps.

Push Notifications

Push notifications to keep the users engaged. Keeping the customers updated about new lands and offers is essential to motivate them to invest in your property. So avail of this feature in your app.

Online Payment

By integrating an online payment gateway, you can easily receive the total amount of advance money from your customers, thus enabling on-the-spot booking of properties.

In-App Currency Converter

A lot of customers buy properties outside their country each year. For someone abroad to buy your property, it is important to have a currency converter to let them know about the exact price.

Chat Boxes

Integrate messaging facility in your application to resolve any customer's doubts through live chats and FAQs. This increases the chances of the sale and thus helps in expanding your business.


" Get in touch with us" forums where the users can add their details which will automatically be mailed to you so that you can contact them for discussion according to the convenience.

Customized Admin Panel

Admin dashboard is customized according to the needs and requirements of the job title. User-friendly dashboard to make the job effortless.

User management

Interact with users and categorize them according to custom classifications. Change the language and currency settings according to each user to make smooth interactions.

Generate feedback forms

Create custom feedback forms to get ratings and reviews from the customers to develop the business.

Multiple partners Tie Up.

Tie up with different property owners and manage the selling process together without any complexities. Customize the admin panel for different team members.

Manage Currency and Payment Method

In-app currency converter to automatically convert the total amount. Secure payment gateways to make sure you can receive money from any buyers.

Generate Offers

Create various offers and promotional codes for efficient marketing. Customize the graphics according to your requirements and the customers.

How do we work?

Requirement Gathering

Discussing and Gathering all your needs and requirements in order to make customized applications for your business.

Analyzing The Requirements

Analyzing how to integrate different required features using the best possible technology. Planning the development most effectively and efficiently.


We create the best solution for all your real estate business requirements with the right mix of technical expertise and creativity.


Testing is an integral part of our process. We ensure the application works well and aptly and will satisfy all your requirements before launching.

On Time Delivery

We make sure to deliver the completed product promptly, without affecting your launching plans.

Technology stack we are using

  • php 7.1
  • React js
  • laravel 5.3
  • HTML5
  • CSS
  • Android
  • ios

How Much Does It Cost?

We develop smart and customized On Demand Real State scripts for startups to enterprise companies. To know the precise cost, features and functionalities of the Real state app solution for users, and admin, get in-touch with our team for a quick chat.

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