Dating Solution

The dating apps will be a revolutionary platform, find your soulmate across the country.

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Dating Solution

That period is over when people find new relationships through their friends, fall in love with someone at first sight as the movies portray it, or communicate with their soulmate through love letters. People no more like to live the rest of their life with someone others find for them, basically a complete stranger. They yearn to find new connections from different parts of the world, know each other better and talk about themselves, all of these which the dating apps will facilitate.

Dating apps are found to be one of the most profitable projects. These apps will be a revolutionary platform, especially in India, where most marriages are arranged by family. Since the majority of youth support the idea of finding a partner by themselves, these apps will be in demand for sure.

Presently, there is less competition as there are only a few dating apps. Still, it is essential to go ahead with the project to integrate the right technology since many high-tech apps are emerging in the industry. When it comes to dating apps, it is important to have a good quality solution with advanced features and an elite user experience that overlaps with trends and drift.

Codexade, full of experienced professionals and creative techies, will help you with developing the right solution with the right mix of technology and innovative ideas that will make your product stand out in the field.

Features of the New Dating Solution

Multiple Registration

Registration using various options like email, phone number, social media log in, etc. Login with minimal information while keeping every account secured and authenticated.

Advanced Search Filters

This feature will help users to find suitable matches by sorting based on age, gender, place, etc. The users won't have to go through each and every profile in the application, wasting their precious time.

Customizable User Profile

The user profile has a feature to add a photo and other personal details that the user wishes to add. Creative profile page where they can add about their hobbies, likes, dislikes, etc. If the user wishes to remove the account, they can completely delete it. They can also remove or edit the details easily.


Wallets will be provided where the users can add money and get exciting features. Where users can send emojis, play games, and unlock premium features.

Limitless Matches

This feature will allow the user to interact with an infinite number of users. It enables them to make many friends while sitting in their comfort zones and find the perfect relationship with them.

In-app Messaging

Chatbox with interesting messaging g features where users can message each other, send voice messages, and snap. This will increase the transparency between the users and thus strengthen the relationships.

Voice Calling and Video Calling

The app also provides high-quality voice and video calling with exciting filters that can be updated regularly and messaging features. The calling features are helpful to open up with each other and heighten the intimacy.

In-App Games

To make your application more interesting and engaging, add this gaming feature, where the users can play together online. Games are fun options that help the users relax and be with each other even when there is nothing to talk about.

Instant Notifications

Instant push notifications to increase user engagement. Daily reminders and message notifications will enable the user to continue using the app throughout the day.

Social Media Integration

Users can link their social media accounts to their user profiles to make them more transparent and authentic. This will also take out the fake profiles within the app.

Facial Recognition

Users can search for look-alike people on the dating app through this feature. Users can upload the photos in search, where our AI-based facial recognition will find similar users. This feature will gather a lot of users into your application.

Premium Plans

With premium plans, users will get special considerations. Their profile will be shown on the top list of searches, and they can also find matches from around the world. They can also see their profile views while staying in private mode.

Highly Secured Login

In order to make the admin login simple and secure, we devise a high-security login option using biometrics and passwords.

User Management

Admin can add or block the users and see detailed reports of the user. Admin can be also active or deactivate users to make them more transparent and authentic and improve the overall user experience.

Team Management

Admins can work together with others using different admin page types. These dashboards can be customized according to the work type of each admin.

Simple UI

Simple UI design to simplify the work. Fast loading and visually appealing graphics to aid you during long hours.

Data Analysis

Detailed analysis of various data using visual graphs to track the activities of the application.

Subscription Management

Decide the type of subscriptions and the price listing. Generate coupon codes and offers. The specified amount will be reduced when a customer applies the coupon/promo code.

How do we work?

In-Depth Research And Requirement Gathering

The first step of our process is to gather all your needs and requirements for your project to include every minute detail while developing.

Analyzing Data

After Assembling the needs and ideas, our developers create the most effective plan for developing your script, which comprises all the required features within the stipulated time period.


This is where our team of experienced geeks will start the operation—developing all the required features for your solution with passion and dedication.


Before launching the product, we carry out multiple real-time testing to ensure everything works perfectly and efficiently as planned.

On Time Delivery

On-time product delivery to ensure the developing process doesn't affect your launching plans.

Technology stack we are using

  • php 7.1
  • React js
  • laravel 8
  • HTML5
  • CSS
  • Android
  • ios

How Much Does It Cost?

We develop smart and customized On Demand Dating app for startups to enterprise companies. To know the precise cost, features and functionalities of the dating app solution for user and admin, get in-touch with our team for a quick chat.

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