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Ecommerce is now an indispensable part in any trade activities.

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Ecommerce Solution

E-commerce is now an indispensable part of any trade activity. It is ten times better than the traditional method of face-to-face exchange of products. The accessibility, availability, flexibility, low price, and the advantages of e-commerce take a long list. With the increasing users and increasing e-commerce apps and platforms, it is crucial to make a proper and best e-commerce solution for your enterprise if you want to thrive in the industry.

Our experts provide the best in and out of the industry solutions for your e-commerce business using a high technology approach that will give the best user experience and provide any modern features.

Features of the Ecommerce Solution

Easy Registration

To sign up, users can use their phone number, email Id, social media ID, Apple ID, etc. The registration can be done quickly without any complexities and only takes seconds to get verified, with minimal user information.

User Profile

User dashboard with various features in which they can add address details, choose language, preferences, etc.

Product Filtering And Sorting

The filter and sorting option saves a lot of time for the users. They can easily enlist the preferred type of product by filtering it without browsing through every single product.

Product Gallery

It is challenging to buy a product without knowing what it looks like. With a product gallery, you can add different images of the same product so that the customers will have a clear idea about the product. We also provide 3D visualization so that the users can see the product from different angles.


A wishlist is an unavoidable feature for any shopping app. Customers prefer to save the liked items so that they can decide what to choose out of different products and buy them later. Our solution provides this feature where customers can add the products to their wishlist and can also have multiple wishlists for different product categories.

Push Notifications

Notification option for customers to remind them about the latest updates and offers and keep them engaged. Attractive Notifications will always get clicked by the customers and will generate more sales.

Shopping Cart

Users can add multiple products to the cart simultaneously and confirm the order. They can also remove an item if they want. Customers can edit the order details like size, color, number, etc., from their shopping cart. The total cart price can be seen instantly upon adding products, including a delivery fee, tax price, etc.

Secure Payment Option

The buyers can easily make the payment using a credit card, debit card, UPI, wallets, COD, etc. Users prefer more accessible and secure payment. We have highly encrypted features to secure the customer's bank details and payment process.

Shipping Options

The customers can see the date of delivery and can get the product within the desired time frame. Various shipping options like speed delivery can be added so that the customers can buy urgent products. They can also save different addresses and choose the default address for delivery.

Delivery Tracking

With a chain of updates, users can easily track their products using their shipment ID. This also has psychological advantages as this will give users assurance about the delivery.

Easy Returns / Exchange

Users can easily return a product by clicking the return option. The feedback form will also be provided so that the business owners can know the reason for the cancellation and improve the features. If they want an exchange, it can easily be done in the same manner by automatically canceling the current order and placing another.

Customer Support and FAQs

Provide 24 hours customer support using chat boxes and FAQ pages, where most frequently asked questions are already answered. This will clarify any doubt of the customer and will ensure them about the product and safe delivery.

Social Media Integration

We know social media is the current largest advertising medium. The majority of people know about your brand and business through Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Therefore it is essential to integrate it with your application. Through this, users can go to your website directly by clicking the link on the social media app and register with the details. This will help your business to gain popularity and attract more users.

Website And App Synchronisation

Via website and app sync, you can kill the bird with one stone. With syncing, the updates done on the application will be automatically applied to the website as well. Thus ensuring the same user interface for both app and website all the time.


Cookies help you to deliver a more personalized and convenient experience to your customers. Various types of cookies can be provided at the time of registration to help your trade function smoothly. The details regarding each cookie will be described to the users, and the consent box can also be integrated with it, except for essential cookies.

Customized Dashboard

The simple and effective user interface makes the job effortless. An advanced dashboard to manage the business effectively.

Multiple Admin Logins

Through multiple logins, the admins can work together. With the customizations, we make each dashboard suitable for the job title of admins.

User management

Feature to manage the users simply and effectively. Resolve any users' issues and track the user data to improve the business.

Data management

A detailed sketch of categorized data of the users, merchants, products, etc., will aid in marketing and uplifting your business.

Location Management

Set the application adaptable for any location. You can choose the language, currency and service types, etc., according to different countries/states and according to the customer's needs.

Generate Coupon Codes

Create coupon codes and offers according to various promotional seasons easily to gather a lot of customers.

Payment Dashboard

Through this feature, you can see the details of orders and the total revenue. Thus you can get the commission from your service providers correctly. The account details can also be added to get the commission regularly.

Promos and Coupons

Different seasonal promotions and coupons will attract a huge amount of customers. You can set this feature so that it will promote the business and will invite a lot of users. The specified amount will be reduced when a customer applies the coupon/promo code.

How do we work?

In-Depth Research And Requirement Gathering

Assembling all the needs and requirements you put forth for your project and, upon discussion, adding new features that aid in the marketing.


Outlining the project to make sure it comprises all the features. Planning how to implement each characteristic using the most efficient technology.


The integration of your ideas with technology gives life to your schemes. Our experienced professionals get their hands on the project to develop a phenomenal solution.


Multiple tests and experimenting using real customers to make sure the application has all the essential features for thriving in the market.

On Time Delivery

Prompt delivery of ready-to-launch products which can be deployed in the app store without any complexities at the right time.

Technology stack we are using

  • php 7.1
  • React js
  • laravel 5.3
  • HTML5
  • CSS
  • Android
  • ios

How Much Does It Cost?

We develop smart and customized On Demand eCommerce scripts for startups to enterprise companies. To know the precise cost, features and functionalities of the eCommerce app solution for users, and admin, get in-touch with our team for a quick chat.

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