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The FinTech applications are gaining steady elevation in the popularity graph.

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Fintech Solution

The FinTech applications are gaining steady elevation in the popularity graph. With the increased usage of online payment processes, the demand for online finance management technology improves day by day. We provide the ultimate solution for all types of online finance management. Get the technology that can resolve all your finance-related tasks within the snap of a finger.

We provide different FinTech solutions that meet your requirements and are highly secured and encrypted. Use high-quality android based or ios based fintech solutions constructed with the high technological expertise of our experienced professionals.

Different FinTech Solutions Provided By Codexade

Digital Payment/eWallet Apps

Make a payment online safely within seconds using Digital Payment FinTech Solution. Our professionals can provide a Digital Payment platform for your business with all the options you need.

Insurance CRM

Build a customized Insurance CRM tool to generate, manage more leads and automate your insurance business. We have features by which you build trust between agents and brokers.

Trading Software Solution

Make your trading app with the help of unique features like Analytical Tools, monitoring tools, commodity trading, and some automation features.

Features of the New All In One Delivery Solution

Easy Registration

Users can easily register through an email or a phone number. Once the confirmation and verification are done, they are ready to use this feature.

Interactive UI

Interactive UI is essential to keep the customers engaged and attract more users. Create a customized User Interface for the users with all the user-friendly features.

Transfer of Money

Users can easily send and receive money using this feature. They can create a unique PIN to make payments from their bank quickly. The details of the beneficiary and the sender will also be available once they start using this feature.


Wallets will be provided where the users can add money and send money directly from the app instead of the bank.

Scan to Pay

Users can quickly scan a QR code to transfer money to another beneficiary. This will make the payment process quick and easy.


After each payment, users can download the receipts so that there will be valid proof of payment whenever needed. They can also share the receipts via any media.

Personal QR code and ID

Users will have their own QR code and UPI ID to receive the money easily or manage any payment process. This will be a great help for the users or shop owners managing a business.

Payment History

Customers are provided with different options to make payments, like debit card, credit card, UPI, wallet, cash on delivery, etc. The money can be easily received upon making an order.

User Management

Admin can add or block the users and see detailed reports of transactions and profits. You can track the overall payment history and view the statistical reports to improve the business.

Registration & Verification

The admin can easily verify their valid ID proof and register a secure management panel with any login option, including email, social media log in, Apple ID, etc. You can also add different service partners to your service with their institution details.

Regular Reports

Admin can get regular reports on various payments, types of receivers and senders, etc., on their dashboard.

Promotion of Brands

Admin can add different offer details and advertisements to the user dashboard and earn revenue from it. You can also provide various rewards and coupon codes to your users to encourage them.

Profile Customization

The service partners can add the type of service they are providing in their profile and the list of the products provided by them. This option will help you sort your partners easily.

Order management

Through the instant order feature, they will also get an order notification as soon as the customer makes a confirmation. Thus saving the time and job of handing out each order. These management options are completely customized according to your preference, where you can choose which type of permission the service providers can have access to.

Payment Dashboard

Through this feature, you can see the details of orders and the total revenue. Thus you can get the commission from your service providers correctly. The account details can also be added to get the commission regularly.

Promos and Coupons

Different seasonal promotions and coupons will attract a huge amount of customers. You can set this feature so that it will promote the business and will invite a lot of users. The specified amount will be reduced when a customer applies the coupon/promo code.

Feature for editing the users list

The admin can edit users details to show the availability and also enable and disable user to the list.

Customization Features

Different product trade requires different contents. Our All one delivery App allows you to customize the content as you wish, to suit the services. You can add details about the service providers and products and even provide customized push notifications for the users to attract them.

How do we work?

In-Depth Research And Requirement Gathering

The first step of our process is to gather all your needs and requirements for your project to include every minute detail while developing.

Analyzing Data

Firstly, we analyze the requirements to develop the most effective solution within the stipulated time period.


The integration of your ideas with technology gives life to your schemes. Our experienced professionals get their hands on the project to develop a phenomenal solution.


Multiple testing, improvisations, and real-time experiments to corroborate we have developed your ideal project.

On Time Delivery

On-time product delivery to ensure the developing process doesn't affect your launching plans.

Technology stack we are using

  • php 7.1
  • React js
  • laravel 5.3
  • HTML5
  • CSS
  • Android
  • ios

How Much Does It Cost?

We develop smart and customized On Demand Fintech scripts for startups to enterprise companies. To know the precise cost, features and functionalities of the Fintech app solution for users, and admin, get in-touch with our team for a quick chat.

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