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Codexade provides a wide range of Crypto solutions, decentralized applications with the new technology, and a safe, secure business ecosystem.

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    Why would you choose Crypto Development services from Codexade?

    Crypto/cryptocurrencies are digital currencies that are cryptographically secured. It follows a decentralized system of regulation and are stored in digital wallets. Cryptocurrencies function using blockchain technology, and each record of the transaction is stored in a public ledger. Presently, there are more than thousands of cryptocurrencies. Ethereum, Bitcoin, Ripple, etc. are some of the famous cryptocurrencies present. Our Crypto Development Services works with the latest technologies in creating cryptocurrencies and solutions.

    Crypto Development Services We Offer

    Cryptocurrency Exchange Development

    Using advanced tools, our creators develop cryptocurrency exchange software to build legal platforms according to the type of your crypto exchange that enables the smooth and secured transactions of CryptoCurrency. We build centralized and decentralized crypto exchange platforms,p2p crypto exchange platforms, hybrid crypto exchange platforms, crypto derivative exchange platforms, etc.

    Cryptocurrency Wallet Development

    Cryptocurrency wallets are just like your physical wallets, except that it is digital, secured, can store a huge sum of cryptocurrencies, and never get lost. You can carry this wallet on your smartphone or PC, and it will enable you to exchange currencies easily. Crypto wallets can track your transactions and can be used to store money for the long term. It is one of the most secured spaces where you can keep your money. We make various customized high-security wallets like desktop wallets, virtual wallets, mobile wallets, hardware wallets, paper wallets, etc., that are tested and have multiple features that are apt for any compatible device.

    Crypto Coin Development

    The development of crypto coins requires time, money, advanced technologies, and knowledge. Even though it is comparatively easy to make a crypto coin, its maintenance and development require professional expertise and effort. Our blockchain specialists help you mint, develop and maintain customized crypto coins.

    Cryptocurrency Exchange Apps

    Cryptocurrency exchange apps facilitate the exchange of cryptocurrencies. You can even connect your bank accounts to these applications that will facilitate the trade of cryptocurrencies. Our professionals create customized cryptocurrency exchange apps that allow you to buy and sell cryptocurrencies using other currencies and are highly secured.

    Cryptocurrency Mining services

    Cryptocurrency mining services involve verifying transactions on the blockchain and adding it to the records. Our experts facilitate the potential and efficient mining of bitcoin.

    Defi Development

    Defi or Decentralised Finance allows you to hold your money in a secure digital wallet. It eliminates the need for a third party(banks and other financial institutions) to manage your finances. Our professionals use their expertise in blockchain technology for all the services associated with Defi Development for your business.

    ICO Development

    Initial Coin Offerings or ICO’s are perfect business ideas for new entrepreneurs or businesses that are looking for expanding opportunities. ICO’s are the process of creating crypto coins and trading them for profit. ICO’s have a lot of advantages when it comes to profit-making. Since anyone can buy tokens irrespective of place and since they can be traded instantly, it provides a vast growth scope. Our fully-fledged technical team develops ICO for your business and helps you throughout the developing process till launching.

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