Top 10 Major Web Development Trends For 2024

Web development trends – The modern user wants more – more meaningful, more user-interactive, and more dynamic web content. The brands serve an ever-evolving user, and for 2022, these web developments are the ones you need to build an impressive user base.  1. Progressive Web Applications (PWAs) PWAs bridge the gap between the native mobile … Read more

How much does it cost to build a mobile app

The first smartphone was launched in 1993 by IBM, which had the apps such as contacts, calculator, calendar, notepad, and clock. But then, these were considered features of the smartphone and not “apps” since the ‘app store’ was not yet launched. By 2008, the first app store launched Apple, with over 500 apps.  The app … Read more

Top Frontend Frameworks in 2024

Frontend development is part of the development process in which the developers create features focused on the users. The UI features like buttons, graphics, links, etc, that enable us to navigate the application using just a single click is built upon the ultimate frontend framework. A frontend developer brings life to the visual and graphical … Read more

Why you should hire indian developers for SD.

Over the years, the Indian IT sector has seen a massive boom in development, and currently, it holds an important position in the economy’s growth. According to the statistics, India is the prime offshoring destination of IT companies across the world. IT companies are offering many opportunities in India due to the increasing demand for … Read more

Animation & Motion Graphics Trends in 2024

Animation and motion graphics are integral to any art form and have a great place in people’s hearts. Take any art piece, for instance, any music video, movie, or story. If half of the credit for its success goes to the theme and message, another half is for its graphics. Graphics rules the era of … Read more